UC Davis Purchases Biodigester


UC Davis has purchased an anaerobic biodigester that has operated on campus since 2014 and plans to open an adjacent composting facility to create a more comprehensive waste-management strategy. The purchase will allow us to maintain an active research program on anaerobic digester technology and potentially expand research opportunities in compost application for healthy soils and carbon sequestration.


Administration, Billing, & Financials

The Utilities Department includes over 80 employees and is responsible for annual budgets totaling over $47 million. Utilities’ Administrative office provides centralized support, manages utility contracts, processes utility billing for auxiliary units, and reports campus-wide utility use.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Geographic Information Service (GIS)

The GIS unit serves as a shared central resource for information regarding campus land use, buildings, and infrastructure. The office provides self-service access to on-line information and offers custom mapping and drafting services to campus departments. 

Solid Waste, Wastewater & Drainage

Solid Waste

UC Davis independently manages its own wastewater and storm drainage systems and provides refuse and recycling services for the campus.

Water & Gas

Water, Gas & Controls

UC Davis has its own city-scale water systems to provide the campus with water for domestic use, industrial applications, fire-fighting, and irrigation. This operational unit also maintains the campus natural gas network and swimming pools.

Central Heating & Cooling Plants, Controls

Central Plant Heating & Cooling

UC Davis generates and distributes high pressure steam, hot water, and chilled water in three central plants to heat and cool buildings in the central campus and Primate District, and provides centralized support for utility system instrumentation and control functions.

Power & Lights

Power & Lights

UC Davis manages its own electrical substation to provide power to nearly all campus facilities.  This unit manages the high-voltage distribution system, exterior lighting systems, and back-up diesel generators.