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Utilities Org Chart


High Quality, Cost Effective, Round-the-Clock Utility Services

UC Davis operates on the scale of a small city. The campus owns and maintains the infrastructure needed to produce and deliver utility services to campus buildings. Our staff of engineers, operators, mechanics, technicians, and administrative staff serve the campus with a round-the-clock campus presence in critical areas.

The only utility services provided by external vendors are bulk gas and electricity. These are delivered to major campus interconnection points. Utilities then distributes them to campus buildings and power plants through campus utility systems, including water wells, pipelines, storage tanks, power plants, a wastewater treatment plant, an electrical substation, power lines, and other related systems and equipment.

The Utilities unit operates and maintains campus utility systems, including:

  • plans system expansions in response to campus growth
  • purchases gas and electricity for campus
  • meters and bills for utility services
  • promotes resource conservation

The Geographic Information Service (GIS) unit within utilities provides a variety of services relating to mapping the facilities and utilities infrastructure, including:

  • research and access to the office of record for construction drawings
  • development and maintenance of campus maps (FacilitiesMap)
  • underground utility locating and underground service alerts
  • custom mapping and surveying
  • building floor plans and space utilization data (FacilitiesLink)
  • coordination and communication of Address ID and Facility ID assignments